Social Media Stories – Changing the Way to Interact With Target Audience!

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Stories on Social Media are the new craze and the most popular form of content consumed by millions on a daily basis. Wondering why? Because it gives you the information in a jiffy! From a social news story to storytelling on social media, stories are gaining popularity for all the right reasons!

However, it goes beyond that. Stories have now become a part of the advertising kit. It interacts, speaks, informs and pushes sales too.

The success of the format is because of the concept of real-time documentation. People desire to stay informed of their friends’ activities. Because it was a more visual progression of messaging, this is why Snapchat had become so popular.

Instead of having to share time-contextual content with each of their friends individually, users may publish it in the story format for all of their friends to see. The main distinction in this instance is that the reader is choosing to read the story rather than having it supplied to them. Instead of the other way around, they are opting in.

About 500 million people use Instagram Stories alone daily, not to mention the other platforms; there are well over a billion stories shared daily across the Facebook ecosystem of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

People can feel a sense of belonging to a larger community through stories. However, the temporary nature of the information means that users want to stay “in the loop,” and it might make them feel like they are missing something if they aren’t keeping up with their favourite accounts. This is true even if certain apps allow users to save stories if they want to.

The Social Media Stories format, which was introduced by Snapchat in 2013 but made popular by Instagram, is gaining traction and may eventually overtake feed-based postings in terms of popularity. Many prospective clients may be reading or producing Stories, given that more than 1.12 billion users across Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. Other platforms follow suit and use this kind of content, including LinkedIn and Airbnb. Social Media Stories create a fresh channel for companies to communicate with their target market.

What are stories on social media?

These are brief, usually, 10-15 second photos or videos that offer viewers a slightly different look at a person or organisation and vanish after 24 hours.

Social media stories are typically more spontaneous than feeds, which are meticulously managed. For brands, this may entail showcasing business announcements, behind-the-scenes videos taken with a smartphone, and other content.

The primary characteristic that distinguishes stories is their transience. Most networks limit their lifespan to 24 hours, though Instagram does allow users to save specific stories to their highlights reel so they can be seen repeatedly. This contributes to the stories’ more informal vibe and may also instil a sense of FOMO.

As a business, how can you tell your story on Social Media?

In order to continue being relevant to their audience, businesses are switching from creating content for feeds to Stories. Having said that, if your audience responds well to your present marketing plan, you shouldn’t fully forsake it. While tales can be a terrific supplement, they shouldn’t be your whole focus.

Like any other sort of content, stories need a solid strategy if they’re to support your marketing and business objectives. First, you can discover what your audience wants to see on Stories so that you can adjust all of your creative ideas to meet their needs. Then, to widen your appeal and determine what is most effective, experiment with various content formats.

Types of Stories on Social Media A Business Can Post:


Making sure their audience and clients are aware of their goods or services is very useful for any business. Using stories is among the finest methods to accomplish this. When satisfied with how it seems, you may prepare and record the Q&A session and share it on Stories.

User-Generated Content

One can accomplish the audience’s confidence in the brand by posting customer reviews or other relevant material. Additionally, it is among the simplest ways to publish interesting material for your users.

Travel Together

Because Stories are sequential, they are ideal for showing a journey. This journey could represent the development of your product, business, new service, etc.

Don’t forget to Put a CTA!

Every story can be a great push or pull marketing strategy, so the call to action button is crucial. CTAs such as a Buy Now or Become a Member button will boost your conversion rates.

Businesses are getting creative while posting stories. The above mentioned are some of the many ways you can use stories on social media for your brand.

Boost the effectiveness of your social media stories!

As practically every major network begins incorporating them onto their websites, social media tales have to play a significant role in your social media content strategy. Stories are a fantastic place to experiment with some formats that are more impromptu or outside of your typical feed content because of their disappearing and casual nature.

Start experimenting with interactive social media stories, real-life social media stories and more to observe how your audience reacts and improve your social media story approach.

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