How Viral Content Marketing Can Help You Connect With Your Audience – A Look At Moment Marketing!

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If you’ve ever tried to create viral content, you know it’s not an easy task. You may develop fantastic content, write passionately about what you care about, and work tirelessly to market it yet still fall short of the number of shares you hoped for. So, what is moment marketing?

Moment online marketing is a promotional method based on current news, events, or occasions that is predominantly employed by businesses on social media and digital platforms to generate traction and improve brand exposure and sales.

Rather than giving up on having your message heard, why not attempt some tried-and-true internet marketing strategies employed by the experts on developing irresistibly shareable content?

While there is no perfect strategy for obtaining a million or more shares, some tactics will always provide better results than merely sharing your content on social media and hoping for the best.


7 Ways To Create Viral Moment Marketing Campaigns


Viral content is a contemporary mystery. It might appear that videos of singing babies or fascinating deep-dive profiles of Instagram influencers magically gain millions of views overnight. 

And while there is often an unexplainable amount of luck and timing when it comes to viral marketing in digital marketing, it boils down to planning, thinking, and attention to detail. Here are 7 techniques for creating viral content.

how to create viral content

1. Increase Audience Engagement by Using Eye-Catching Images

What matters is the first impression, which is heavily influenced by the aesthetic components you employ. Aside from selecting a colour palette and font family, breaking up text-heavy material with photos, infographics, and videos is also critical.

Buzzsumo, a content analytics business, discovered that posts containing at least one picture in the content were shared twice as often on Facebook as those without any photos in a review of over 100 million articles. They also discovered that an infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than a text-based piece. 

In fact, infographics are the most shared sort of material when compared to all other types of content, as seen in the table below.


2. Find an Excellent Hook

Consumers want to know what they’re looking at right away when it comes to social media. People will see your title and determine whether or not to click through. So include precise and actionable information in your headline to make it more appealing. For example, tell readers how many tips they will receive or utilise a statistic in your headline.

A hook may also be started by evoking or promising an emotional reaction. Consider using headlines or video titles that promise a response for your viral content creation. People aggressively seek material that promises a response, ensuring that your shared content receives views and likes.


3. Create Tailored and Engaging Content

Providing an engaging, immersive, and customised experience for the viewer is one of the most reliable types of viral marketing viral content ideas to stand out from the crowd. A snappy listicle or how-to essay is no longer enough. Users are bombarded with information vying for their attention, so make your dynamic and one-of-a-kind.

Granted, this may need more time and resources to produce, but your audience will appreciate it. Many internet magazines have picked up on this trend and created terrific, awe-inspiring content.

While some use specialised techniques like parallax scrolling, interactive visuals, and multimedia components, you don’t have to be an expert to make one.


4. Create In-Depth, Well-Researched Longform Material

Longer material receives more shares than shorter ones, which may seem contradictory in today’s fast-paced digital environment. According to Buzzsumo, the material between 3,000 and 10,000 words is shared the most, while content less than 1,000 words is shared the least.

At the same time, the 1000-word category has 16 times more information than the 3,000-to-10,000-word range. So, if you want more visibility and backlinks, take advantage of the fact that the long-form category has significantly less competition.


5. Understand Your Target Audience

The success of your content is totally dependent on your target audience and how they react to it. Your audience is the first step toward virality. Understand why your fans follow you, learn about their backgrounds, and produce content that meets their needs.

It is hard to establish an audience without first developing your brand and determining the sort of follower you want to attract. Next, determine your desired specialisation or area of expertise, such as industry expert, social media maven, or brand influencer.

Once you’ve figured out what kind of place you’re in and what your audience wants to see, tailor your articles to appeal to their interests. Again, this will most likely need trial and error to determine what sorts of material they will respond to.


6. Activate High-Arousal Emotions

In a world filled with negativity, content that provokes positive feelings such as wonder, laughing, and amusement is far more popular than stuff that causes melancholy. According to an unusual research undertaken by social scientist Jonah Berger, positive news pieces were consistently circulated more than negative ones.

Berger determined that viral information elicits six emotions: awe, wrath, surprise, anxiety/fear, joy, and desire. Controversial topics and articles that zero in on any form of injustice can quickly become viral, as in this case. So, surprise your audience, deliver the unexpected, and don’t play it too safe.


7. Create Material That Strengthens the Identities of Sharers

The New York Times performed a study that discovered many of the causes and motives behind why individuals share detailed information. For example, they discovered that users share material that helps them establish their online identities and seem good in front of their peers.

Many people were more willing to share information that made them appear intelligent, knowledgeable, thought-provoking, selfless, innovative, cool, or creative. Others provided uplifting information to make others’ days brighter, provide helpful advice to others, or remain in touch with close friends, family, and individuals with similar interests.

So, if you want to target specific categories of sharers, develop material that is valuable, practical, provocative, insightful, and/or tied to one particular cause or identity group.


There is no one-size-fits-all formula for developing viral content. However, you may increase your chances of becoming viral by first analysing your target demographic. Determine what motivates them and what makes a piece of material “shareable.” Next, examine examples of viral material from your industry’s creators and determine what made them so successful.

One of the finest examples of how to create viral marketing content comes from SRV Media. Hoping on the craze that is ‘Pushpa’, SRV Media utilised it as a reference to convey a message about agency life. 

Another content marketing viral example was the ‘Boring People’ meme from Bigg Boss, where they pointed out the challenges employees face during work-from-home situations in a humorous way. For one of our clinet,  our Brand Communication team utilized the popularity of India’s Shark Tank to convey a message about living a healthy life.

If you are still unsure about how to create viral content, you may engage a digital marketing agency. A professional digital marketing agency in India will take care of your brand, analyse your target audience, improve your online presence, and generate compelling content that reaches your target audience at the perfect moment!

The notion of viral moment marketing in India has evolved into an essential component of digital marketing success throughout the years. Using this marketing strategy will help your company stand out in a sea of material created every day!

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