Ikigai concept and Holistic Digital Marketing

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Ikigai, where have you heard this term? What is the Ikigai concept? Just one of the self-help books that say, Ikigai, the Japanese secret to a long and happy life. The book boasts about how to live a sustainable and happy life. Well, Ikigai is not just a book. It’s a concept derived from the practices adopted by the widespread Japanese population to live a peaceful life.

The Japanese concept of Ikigai is proven to provide people with a clear vision of their purpose and build a successful life around it. Eventually, people with a clear vision lead a comfortable and peaceful life. Excluding Japan, people seldom thought of this approach, or it faded from the masses with time; however, the published book ‘Ikigai’ drove the world towards giving this a thought.

Now, since Ikigai gives a purpose to live, can the same approach be used to run a business or earn money? Come to think of it, finding Ikigai for your business might work incredibly towards its expansion. Since you know what is expected at the end of the tunnel, you’ll work along the same lines to create a path.

Let’s answer a few questions to understand Ikigai’s Japanese philosophy of life and business.

What do you love doing? What are you good at? What can you get paid for? What does the world need? Simply speaking, when you integrate the love for your business with the demands of the world, your mission will get more precise.

Wondering how Ikigai and branding/digital marketing connect?

Your brand is not just about displayed colours, logo, and font. Instead, a brand’s reputation is built based on how it conveys its aim, vision, mission, values, and social welfare initiatives to the target audience. How will you convey the ideology if it’s not clear to you yet? Ikigai lays the foundation to assist you in getting an accurate picture of this vision.

As stated by Simon Sinek, people don’t purchase by understanding your ‘what’. They buy things through your ‘why’. These techniques help you to stand out from the companies selling the same products as you.

The Japanese philosophy crafted under Ikigai enables people to distil and identify their why. Finding your business’s why shall further help to understand and line up what your company exactly does, what it is good at, what is needed by the world, and the path to begin income or increase it.

Integrating all these concepts will point towards the ‘nucleus’ of your business. Safeguarding this point is of the essence since it will take you through the storms and challenging times in your business journey. This Ikigai will drive you and your employees’ spirit in the long run.

Finding your Ikigai is also essential to provide enthusiasm and a thought of creating a difference. If employees understand and align with your reason, they shall stay with you instead of switching to the next job, even if it has better pay or amenities.

Hence, it is not vital to begin branding but to find your business’s/brand’s Ikigai first.

This might clear your confusion bubble and give a better picture of Ikigai. Knowing your brand’s why is the first step to inducing Ikigai in a digital marketing plan. Well, finding the right digital marketing agency that aligns with your thoughts is necessary. After all, just like people, companies with similar ideas will operate in unison over the long run.

In recent times, customers have understood their spending ability owing to the saturation of brands in each sector. Considering this fact, customers rely on experience-based purchasing instead of mass convenience. A vital part of knowing/experiencing a brand is witnessing its goals, understanding the action plan, why it is trading the product, and significant selling factors.

Moreover, a startup grows into an MNC based on its principles and delivery. When a brand infuses its Ikigai in each post, potential customers will build a solid connection with it and eventually be your word of mouth marketers.

Well, having this Ikigai in a digital marketing plan would work as fuel to drive your company’s growth. Since digital marketing is the source of reaching potential customers, hiring the right digital marketing firm is of the utmost importance.

A digital marketing firm is your path towards the right audience, appropriate marketing, and grabbing the right set of customers. Hence, a digital marketing company is crucial for your startup’s expansion in the long run.

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