5 Of The Top Press Release Distribution Services in India!

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If you’re planning a public relations strategy for your company, you’ll probably consider press release writing and distribution service. However, while many people know a press release example is, few are aware of how and when to employ them. The primary goal of all press releases is to clearly advocate something noteworthy and distinct.

A press release is also a document that follows a prescribed structure and serves three marketing and promotional functions. First, large and small businesses in every industry use social media in their public relations and marketing strategies.

Press release services have become associated with social media marketing as social media continues to supplant conventional brand promotion and communication methods. As a result, public relations and social media marketing give a solid basis and baseline for most organisations’ brand recognition and general marketing operations.

Drafting a press release is simple. Before introducing social media, businesses had to go through a lengthy and time-consuming process of contacting journalists who served as gatekeepers.

Press releases have evolved significantly throughout the years, notably as firms have recognised the value of internet marketing. However, there are several techniques to use a press release and press release service providers efficiently. Here are some of the critical reasons press releases have become so important:

  • If you wish to launch a new product or service, you can use a press release distribution service to quickly have your news noticed on the major search engines and social media networks. This also allows you to reach out to thousands of journalists..
  • Companies can connect readers to further information about what they do by including links to other Web pages inside a press release.
  • A news release may be read anywhere on the Internet or smartphone.
  • Companies may simply send out as many news releases as they like since producing and distributing a press release is so simple. Publishing additional news releases regularly can help your brand’s image.
  • Because press releases can incorporate photographs, videos, and other multimedia, you may deliver your message and news items more engagingly than ever before.
  • An internet news release may become viral if people start sharing it on social media networks, generating a buzz that traditional press releases could never achieve.

So, now that you know what press release distribution India offers and can be used, which company is the best for you? Well, here are a few of our suggestions for good public relations consulting firms :


1. SRV Media

SRV Media, one of the best press release distribution companies was founded in 2011 to bring about significant digital transformations via creative storytelling and cutting-edge technology. Being the leading provider of press release writing services in pune, SRV Media will support you in your endeavour. They will generate engaging, measurable PR draughts for you using their well-established media contacts and unique narrative skills. Consequently, you will almost certainly see an improvement in your brand amplification with one of the top press release distribution services. After years of experience as a top public relations firm, SRV Media’s skilled personnel understand what your brand requires. They will devise unique techniques for communicating critical concepts to your target market. They run effective and successful public relations campaigns by utilising paid and organic public relations services. Connect with them for effective writing and the best PR distribution service.


2. Business Wire India

Business Wire is recognised for its devotion and in-depth understanding of the Indian market, with over 9000 media journalists and 1500 media outlets in India. There are no membership fees at Business Wire India. Depending on your PR plan, Business Wire India distributes your fresh ideas to the most prominent Indian news agencies and publications in your business. Based on your marketing approach, Business Wire India may assist you in reaching any Indian city, state, or area. Berkshire Hathaway handles their international distribution. Aside from that, they provide press release writing services. You may employ the assistance of specialised content writers and editors to target your press release to any geographic region in the world at low press release writing service cost.


3. Easy Press Wire

This Jaipur-based public relations news distribution services firm offers two basic packages. Their press release distribution pricing model includes Paid and Unpaid services. If you’re new and want to learn more about public relations strategy or writing, you may sign up for the free plan and post your press release on the Easy Press Wire homepage. However, you can pick the premium plan if you are a pro or have a marketing strategy in place and want to feature on 25+ websites specifically related to your sector. If you pick the Premium package, you will receive different social media postings of your PR and other services like SEO optimization and coverage of the top social media influencers.


4. India PR Newswire

PRNewswire India, or CISION, is one of the world’s largest and most dependable PR distribution networks, aiming to ensure that your PR receives the reach and coverage it deserves. Cision suggests that you draft an appealing press release and then wait for top journalists and media to contact you. The most significant aspect is that PRNewswire has established excellent contacts with journalists and social media influencers in India. Organisations may develop multimedia news releases with the help of PRNewswire or Cision. It also includes an SEO-optimised website where you can showcase your press release. The pricing for press release services starts at $99 and may go up to $389 if you want to be featured on their partner website.


5. Newswire

Suppose your firm or startup is in the entertainment, sports, film, or IT industries. In that case, Newswire may distribute your story through various channels to maximise the success of your PR marketing strategy. All you have to do with Newswire is fill out a form, and they will post your press release on their webpage, making your firm more respectable and well-known across various sectors. In addition, newswire has streamlined the news release filing process by introducing additional distribution tools. Unlike Business Wire India, Newswire’s basic package does not include editing, proofreading or professional press release writing service. They have, however, made tracking and evaluating your press release a lot easier. You should seek the best press release writing service from other companies.

So, choose the best press release distribution services India offers that suits your needs the best from the list we have provided. You can also choose well between offline and online PR distribution services with these companies.

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