Advertiser’s take on Instagram ‘Dark Mode’

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Instagram recently introduced dark mode for IOS as well as Android phones. This makes scrolling through your Instagram feed a lot easier on your eyes regardless of the outdoor lights, especially for those endless midnight scrolling. As much as we love this look from an advertisers perspective, this setting is irreversible for IOS as of now, unlike Twitter which has a toggle switch for light and dark mode. Keep reading to understand why the dark mode is beneficial for advertisers:

The previous theme of Instagram was full of white and other popping colours, which made it a little difficult for advertisers to design ads in a manner which will stand out on the white wall of the photo-sharing app.

The dark mode provides the perfect contrast for every and any type of creative; be it a 20% promotional text and 80% image (standard Facebook ad policy) or 100% image or even a video, dark mode contrast makes every creative stand-out on the screen. Not only that but the CTA (Call To Action) also gets highlighted proportionally.

So Instagram advertisers don’t need to master the art of making contrast and colour balanced creatives. They can now run ads on Instagram, even with the most basic creative designed using free online tools like Canva, BeFunky, Crello, etc.

If rumours are to be believed, even Facebook and WhatsApp are working on releasing the dark mode very soon.
But there is a catch; this setting is only available for IOS 13 & Android 10 and above users. So as advertisers, need to think of the target group and take professional guidance for creatives which is right for both the light and dark mode. After all, the dark mode is not just about colours but also the messaging

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