Here’s how everyone can now add links in Instagram stories

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Can you put a link in your Instagram story without 10k followers and a verified account? Yes, now you can as Instagram expands link sharing support in stories for all the accounts regardless of verification and 10k followers. From 27th Oct 2021 onwards every account on Instagram will be allowed to share links in their stories. Instagram finally heard the feedback of small creators and businesses. Link sharing on Insta stories is helpful in many ways, right from dropping product links to sharing useful resources, the feature will now help businesses and creators of all sizes to share relevant links right there in the stories. 

Make sure your Instagram App is updated to the latest version.

How to add links in Instagram stories?

Step 1: Upload your story

Step 2: Click on the sticker icon on the top right 

Step 3: Find and click on the “Link” sticker

Step 4: Add your URL and click on Done

How to add link in Instagram stories.

There are numerous ways through which you can make the most of this feature for the growth of your business and Instagram profile.

  1. You can add your website’s internal pages links such as products or services links in the stories themselves while posting relevant information about them in your stories.
  2. Small to medium e-commerce websites can now link their new launches or offers right there in the stories, making it easier for users to browse the product without going through the drill of visiting the profile and then going to the product page via the website home page link.
  3. Creators can add PDFs like styling guides, study materials, research docs, etc just by uploading them on Google Drive and sharing its link on the stories
  4. Businesses can share their whitepapers, recent blogs, and marketing collaterals like brochures in the stories
  5. Restaurants and cafes will be able to upload their menus in their stories and highlight them on the profile forever.

Overall, this improvement is going to help all the users scale their content’s reach and will definitely make it easier for the users to navigate to the right links without visiting the “link in bio” from Instagram stories.

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