Push & Pull Marketing Strategy: The Basic Differences

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In today’s fast-paced world, running a business can be challenging. Amidst great competition, your business must be aggressive in marketing efforts to bring genuine leads. Also, everybody needs to go the extra mile to make a sale happen.

Every industry today has too many businesses selling the same services and products. So how will you make your product or services stand out? How will your business make your target audience’s number one choice comes with marketing strategies as a superhero. With marketing strategies, online and offline, one can make a business flourish by achieving genuine leads and awareness of the brand

The two main elements guiding your approach are push and pull strategy in marketing.

However, before deciding on a marketing strategy, you must first determine your company’s long and short-term objectives.

This article will help you decide if you should utilise a push marketing strategy or a pull marketing strategy.

Simply defined, pull marketing is developing and implementing techniques that organically attract consumer interest in your products and services. In contrast, push marketing entails presenting your brand in front of potential customers or making it available to the broader public.

While this simple description will familiarise us with the two core ideas that should guide your marketing approach, it’s also vital to break down the differences between push and pull marketing.

What is Push Marketing Strategy, and how does it work?

Push marketing is a promotional technique in which companies and brands attempt to bring their products and services to clients. All of the strategies sellers use to push their goods and services to potential customers are called push marketing. You raise brand awareness while placing goods in front of the consumer. Push notifications can help you get your goods in front of potential customers.

The push notification option is used by businesses when they wish to introduce a new product or stand out in a crowded market.

What is Pull Marketing Strategy, and how does it work?

Pull marketing is a marketing strategy that involves enticing customers to come to your store and purchase your goods and services. Pull marketing entails putting in place some conditions to ensure buyers come hunting for your brand. In other words, you try to persuade customers to buy something.

Examples of pull marketing methods are advertising, mass media promotion, sales promotion, and conversational referrals. Pull marketing aims to establish a long-term consumer-manufacturer relationship by cultivating brand loyalty and ensuring customers continue patronising the company. Pull marketing requires effective advertising to generate adequate awareness and pique potential clients’ interest in your products and services.

Push Strategy Vs Pull Strategy: The Key Differences 

The term “push strategy” refers to a marketing approach involving channelling marketing efforts through intermediaries. On the other hand, pull strategy refers to a marketing plan that includes end-user marketing initiatives.

In a pull approach, the client requires product or information communication, but no such communication is necessary for a push strategy.

A push strategy aims to raise customer awareness of a product or brand. On the other hand, Pull Strategy encourages the buyer to seek the product or brand.

Push strategy enlists the use of sales force, trade promotion, money, and other means to persuade the channel partners to promote and distribute the product to the end-user. On the other hand, Pull Strategy uses advertising, marketing, and any other type of information to encourage customers to demand products from channel partners.

Push Strategy – Example and Popular Techniques!

For example, you are just starting to spread the word about your new venture or expanding your business in a new niche. What you want to do is to reach as many people as you can. So you use Push marketing techniques like PPC – Pay Per Click, billboards, direct marketing and more. 

Here you are marketing your products and services, highlighting the features and benefits that are useful for the target audience. Push marketing constantly reminds the audience by popping up on various social media channels and websites, pushing the customer to a consideration stage and eventually pushing them to buy your product. 

The downside of this strategy is you will have to invest a good amount of money, and it is often a short-term strategy. 

When to Use Push marketing?

  • New distribution route
  • Boost short-term sales
  • While attempting to increase brand awareness
  • When launching a new product or service
  • When you’re in a specialised market, you have to be creative.

Pull Strategy – Example and Popular Techniques!

For example, as part of its pull strategy, an auto dealership Annie’s Automotive holds an open house. In addition, the business produces both traditional newspapers and digital advertisements on social media to increase attendance. As a result, Annie’s Automotive attracted a lot of people to its open house through numerous advertising strategies, which brought in some new clients.

Annie Automotive is an already established brand, so using a pull strategy is an excellent way to spread the word. 

When to use Pull marketing?

  • When you want your loyal customers to stay engaged with your brand.
  • One of the best activities to include while building your brand.
  • For establishing long-term consumer relationships.

Push-Pull Marketing activities encompass all of the marketing efforts. It is you who should be able to decide for your brand which one will make a better impact. Both have a significant impact but in different ways. 

If you have yet to figure out which one, you must use the help of an expert like SRV MEDIA, a place that offers end-to-end solutions for all your marketing needs. 

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