8 Super-simple Hacks for Brilliant Copywriting

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Copywriting is a skill that seems tough from the outside and relatively easy to experienced creative professionals. As one of the top creative agencies in Pune, SRV Media’s team of writers have 8 great pieces of advice that anyone can follow to write truly memorable ads –

  1. Read. Repeat.

Set up an absolutely ruthless editing process that should be based on one key belief – if you have the slightest inkling that something’s not working, it’s definitely not working.

  1. Write for the Intended Audience & Nobody Else

Great copywriting is as much ideation as actual writing. And an idea & write-up only sells when it is tailored to the intended audience.

  1. Never let experience get in the way

Writing copies is a creative process. Great creativity comes from keeping an open mind. So do not let past experiences come in the way of ideas in the present. Because things, people & industries always keep evolving, and you should too.

  1. Invest in the idea bank

Great ideas often come uninvited, and we end up forgetting them the next day. To ensure an idea remains unforgotten, save them in an idea bank, like a notepad or smartphone app.

  1. Get a crystal-clear brief

The 3 W’s every copywriter should ask before writing a single word – What product is the copy selling? Who will be the final reader of the copy i.e. Target Audience? Why would the reader be interested in the product i.e. USP?

  1. Treat Grammar as a mere Reference Module

Grammar, in not so many words, is highly contextual in nature. The rules keep on changing based on one quality – making English more readable. So consciously focus on delivering copies that are more fun to read instead of being ‘grammatically-correct.’ You’re writing for your audience, not your English teacher.

Don’t believe us? Check out these straplines that would make any grammar-nazi go crazy –

Think Different (Apple)

Spread the Happy (Nutella)

To Each Their Own (Honda)

Be a Little Dillogical (Lays)

PayTm Karo (PayTm)

  1. Read absolutely anything that interests you

Books/ blogs/ articles & almost any piece of writing is like fuel to the writer’s train of thought. It will derail as soon as the fuel runs out. So keep reading in order to keep writing great ads.

  1. Refuse to Believe in the writer’s block

If the words aren’t coming to you, take a 15 min. break, put on some music, talk to a friend/colleague. Basically, forget about work for a moment. Then, come back and write whatever comes to mind. You’ll either overcome the block or come up with really bad copy. If the latter happens, follow the 1st Hack and you’ll get there eventually.

Lastly, remember that great art comes from inspiration. So always stay motivated and keep on writing.

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