Everything you need to know about email marketing for businesses in 2022

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Your company can’t afford to overlook an essential instrument like email marketing when it comes to marketing. One of the best owned media in the world of digital marketing where you can take the control of its outcomes.

But, with so many other ways to communicate with your customers, why should you rely on email marketing in the first place? Is it even necessary? In one word, Absolutely!

The role of email marketing in digital marketing has been understood by all marketers in the past decade. Since Constant Contact developed the first email marketing solution for small businesses in 1998, a lot has changed in the world of email marketing.

Did you know that email marketing strategy is constantly ranked as one of the most effective digital marketing strategies?

According to studies, email has a typical return on investment (ROI) of 122 percent, which is more than four times greater than other top techniques like social media. Furthermore, according to HubSpot, 86% of consumers want to receive emails from businesses they do business with at least once a month.

From regular messages between academics to widespread global use, email has come a long way. The number of email users worldwide is expected to reach 4.258 billion by 2022. This number is predicted to rise to 4.6 billion by 2025, accounting for more than half of the world’s population.

What Is The Definition Of Email Marketing?

Let us first understand what is email marketing

The use of email to advertise products or services is known as email marketing. However, it isn’t only restricted to that. If a brand wants to strengthen relationships with present customers or to reach out to future consumers, email marketing can be used.

Businesses can use email marketing to keep their clients updated and tailor their marketing messages accordingly. Consider it one of the most cost-effective and conversion-rich digital marketing strategies available today. It’s powerful, compelling, and generates fantastic results for your e-commerce store.

Email marketing has been outperforming many digital marketing strategies. It can be one of the most effective ways to promote your brand and engage your customers if the following three key metrics are followed properly:

  • The percentage of prospects who open an email is known as the open rate.
  • The percentage of prospects who respond to an email is known as the response rate.
  • Finally, the percentage of responding prospects that go on to buy is known as the conversion rate.
  • The number of people clicking on Call To Action button, which is decided according to the mail’s objective is known as the click rate.

6 Objectives That Can Be Fulfilled By Email Marketing

  1. Informs the audience about new advances or changes in your brand.
  2. Engages the audience with surveys and counts down emails for events and product launches.
  3. Attracts new customers and makes existing customers brand loyalists.
  4. Guides customers to websites, increasing the traffic.
  5. Nurtures leads that have the potential to get converted into customers.
  6. Converts and Delights customers by informing them, thanking them, and showing them how they are important to the brand.

Two Types Of Emails You should know about!

The stripped-down version of your HTML email is a plain text email. A plain text email, as the name implies, comprises only text—no graphics, styled fonts, or hyperlinks.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a method of coding a document (composed of ASCII text) that instructs an HTML reader (such as a web browser) how to render specific sorts of data.

HTML emails include colour, style, graphics, and, in some cases, multimedia, which plain text emails lack.

Six Steps To Email Marketing

We know that starting with something new becomes challenging, but here is a list of five things that you must do when you start your email marketing process:

  • Choose The Best Email Marketing Service Provider – The first step is to choose an email marketing service provider who can assist you with professional email templates and a large number of email subscribers. Their professional expertise can help you take informed steps in email marketing.
  • Gather Your Contacts – The second step is to make a list of contacts to whom you will be sending all your emails. Remember, emails can contain information about new services, existing services or just to keep in touch with your esteemed customers.
  • Create An Account And Add The Contacts – The third step is to add the contact list to your email marketing account and you can segregate it according to the types of contacts.
  • Content And Template – The fourth step is to create content and a reusable email template with your brand logo, a way to address your audience, and links to your social media platforms. Keep in mind that a responsive design works better than regular designs.
  • Subject line and Test Mails – The fifth step is to write a persuasive subject line and end test mails before making it live.
  • Analyse To Understand – The sixth step is to ensure that you are tracking the results of emails. It is important to understand what works and what does not work for your audience.

Are your emails going to the spam folder? Here’s why!

  • You haven’t done the authentication process of your email address.
  • Your contacts have marked your emails as spam
  • Maybe you are not following the best HTML practices or attaching too many attachments.
  • Your subject line might look like spam triggers.
  • Your ‘from’ information and content can be misleading.
  • You might not have permission from the recipients or you may not have included the unsubscribe option.
  • The process of progressively raising the volume of emails sent with a dedicated IP address is known as IP warming. This lengthy approach aids in establishing a reputation as a legitimate email sender with ISPs (Internet Service Providers). You might not have done the process right.

Three Key Advantages of Email Marketing:

  • Conversions, lead nurturing and engaging customers become easy. 
  • Increases brand awareness among your list of contacts, eventually giving higher recall value.
  • Helps in creating a solid bond between you and your customers, enabling customer loyalty at its maximum.

Three Key Features Of Email Marketing:

Understanding why email marketing is important for your business is very important. Here are three reasons why email marketing for small businesses or email marketing for B2B is a great tool:

  • More credibility to the audience. Today there are people who do not use social media but use emails to connect, your brand can build an authentic brand through emails. Email marketing helps you reach a broader range of audiences, enabling your brand to connect with all age groups. 
  • The affordability of this technique is an unrivaled benefit and feature. It is a comparatively cheaper way to access your audience. 
  • In these times of uncertainty, social media platforms may shut down and you will lose your audience in a jiffy. With your email contact list, there is no problem. You are the owner of the list and can use it anytime.


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