Top Trends in Digital Marketing for Education Domain

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The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has been a major game-changer in various sectors. The educational industry is one of those. The global pandemic has shifted the traditional mode of education to online by encouraging the need for online education too. That has steadily increased the importance of digital marketing for education industry worldwide.

Importance Of Digital Marketing In the Education Sector 

As the world becomes increasingly digital, educational institutions must have a solid online presence and implement effective digital marketing for schools and other educational institutes. In the current education landscape, digital marketing has become an essential tool for educational institutes to reach, engage, and enrol students. Digital marketing in the education sector has a clear scope of significant impact: 

  • The rising need for platforms among institutes for promoting their value-added courses 
  • Increase their presence by enhancing brand awareness 
  • Notable developments in cutting-edge marketing trends to engage the maximum number of students
  • Use unique and engaging CRM strategies to convince students to enrol in their online courses, etc.

It’s next to impossible for any educational institute to achieve some or all of these goals without a strategic marketing plan.

Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends And Strategies For Education Business of 2022

The world of education has changed a lot in recent years. The present pandemic due to COVID-19 acted as a catalyst in this new era education system by breaking down the physical walls of classrooms. With maximum colleges and institutes running their classes via digitized platforms like Zoom video, Skype video, etc. and the rest of the colleges undergoing the transitional shift from traditional to digital mode, the impact of both online and offline education is quite pivotal now. 

According to National Education Policy 2020, the purpose of a good education is to develop rational thinking power, logical reasoning skills, developing empathy, compassion and resilience in students. By prioritizing some of these learning outcomes for the students, your institute needs to stand alone from the rest. That’s where competitive space and opportunities for online marketing strategies for educational institutions come in. 

Honestly, only an organized marketing strategy can help your institute reach your targeted students who can benefit from one such value-added education. To accomplish this, always prioritize higher education marketing campaigns. Some of those competitive online and offline marketing trends have been shared below,

1. Taking competitive social media ad promotional trends in the count

Social media is one of the most reliable ways to promote every business nowadays. It’s one of the most suitable platforms for promoting your education business. That’s because according to the New education Policy, announced by Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi, online learning and distance education avails equivalent privileges of traditional modes of learning. One such advantage will enhance your scope to use competitive social media-based ad promotions for your education business. Some of those new-era social media ad promotional trends include:

  • Short promotional video via Instagram reels, Instagram stories, YouTube, Facebook stories and posts etc., where you can share a glimpse of your business. If your video making skills are impressive, it won’t take much time for you to generate potential leads for enrolling in your online courses. The option can be quite helpful for sharing faculty testimonials, student testimonial videos, and the college infrastructure details. The strategy is quite useful for enhancing your student enrolment.
  • Story Ads and countdown campaigns can be another smart strategy tagged as one of the latest digital marketing trends in higher education. Maximum MBA institutes, fashion designing colleges and reputed schools use this ad platform to promote the key buying features of your offline and online courses provided by your education business. It’s a popular digitized dice to connect with your targeted student groups. The in-feed ads, business tags with hashtag challenges, etc., suitably add to the branding effects of your education business. 
  • Deploying a LinkedIn ads base conversion strategy is another smart way to generate communication with your targeted student groups. Dispatching any upcoming event, like an online workshop, free entry to an online guest lecture session on any specific career-focused topic, etc., can easily increase the brand awareness of your business. Sometimes, LinkedIn-based conversations generate actionable decisions for enrolling in your offline academic institute too. By sharing the time and place of a venue of an educational event on LinkedIn, you can expect a sufficient number of enrolments in the event. That’s another reason to include one such modern digital marketing trend for strategizing online marketing for schools and colleges by using competitive ad promotional tactics on LinkedIn.
  • Retargeting campaigns are another strategic way to increase the number of applicants for your education business. It’s cost-effective and impactful for targeting interested student groups. Maximum educational institutes utilize this particular ad strategy to generate guaranteed ROI from one such retargeting campaign. One such campaign is based on these three pivotal of ad-marketing that cover,

2. Strategic remarketing on Google

3. Social Media remarketing on Facebook, Instagram

4. Programmatic buying on OTTs to run strategic retargeting campaigns for generating effective conversion

5. Programmatic advertising on Spotify, and YouTube to accelerate the reach of your business within targeted audiences, etc. 

Be it an online business or an offline education business, social media is quite pivotal for promoting your online business brand. If you want to grab some or all of these social media ad promotional tactics, you may hire a professional social media agency like us to avail of these ad promotional techniques for your education business.

  1. Lead nurturing activities

Lead nurturing activities are the most effective ways to generate leads from multiple sources. One such strategy can be equally beneficial for online as well as offline educational businesses. The main agenda of lead nurturing is to allocate your business preferences, boost the engagement factors and increase potential leads with a good lead score. At the same time, one such activity can optimize your business performance with the productivity report generated from one such lead. That’s another reason to consider lead nurturing activity for your education business, as it improves and enhances your communications faster with your targeted audiences. The activity also includes email marketing, WhatsApp API calling, SMS and whats app marketing in the count. That way, you get ample scopes to nurture your leads leading from an applicant to a confirmed student admitted to your institute.

  1. Mobile Responsive Website 

Maximum online learning platforms are widely searched and accessed from smartphones by users. That’s because smartphones are quite handy among students these days. The access to the internet on maximum smartphones has made it easier for them to access popular online courses available near them. By overlooking one such factor, you might lose a sufficient number of targeted student groups who might be interested in enrolling in your institute. That way, your targeted student groups can enrol either via a website or via their mobile phones.

By preferring a mobile responsive website, your online business remains visible to the maximum number of online student groups. If you’re planning to optimize the mobile speed of your educational website, you may get in touch with an expert like SRV Media to avail of higher ed digital marketing services to boost the number of admission in your online course.

At SRV Media, we always prioritize the importance of a well-structured and attractive website with strategic landing pages enabled with an online application system. We assure you that it’s easier for interested students to enrol and apply easily from your mobile responsive website with an attractive landing page, with some of these features shared below, 

  • Maximum information about your business in a nutshell
  • Crispy and informative content that relates to your business suitably
  • Maximum scope to get conversions by increasing the number of enrolments from your mobile student applicants 
  • Always receive a unique takeaway gift by briefly overviewing the mission and vision of your business
  1. Focusing On Technical Seo

There are plenty of career-specific courses available in the market. If you want to add leverage to your education business domain by separating it from the rest, you must take the key elements of SEO factors seriously by now. SEO is no longer confined to keywords and language only nowadays. The consistent changes in Google Analytics have made it mandatory to maintain technically sound, correct and strong websites if you want to avail long-term benefits of SEO. Then only you can find your educational website within the top listed search results.

Role of Srv Media to Help You Reach Out to your Targeted Student Community or Groups? 

SRV Media, being one of the reputed digital marketing companies, can help you to deploy the most effective online marketing trends befitting your online education business. Our initiative of using DV 360 (Display and Video 360) for programmatic marketing displays media via Google Display Network (GDN) assures guaranteed programmatic enterprise-level solutions for your education business. With this technology, it’s just a matter of a few working days or hours to analyze your business. That way, your chances to maximize the number of enrolments get suitably amplified. 

The final words…

If you’re stuck in a rut to increase the number of your applicants by influencing them to take admission to your institute, feel free to reach us to extend your knowledge on digital marketing education in Pune or anywhere else in India. We can help you with the current online marketing trends for educational businesses. It might help you to get multiple channels to streamline your digital marketing funnels for generating convertible leads. 

Best of luck in advance!

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