The Top Five Content Marketing Trends For 2022

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Content marketing is one aspect of digital marketing that is constantly evolving. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you must keep up with the latest content marketing trends. There are different sorts of content marketing, such as social media and blogs, but new trends and strategies develop every year, altering how organisations reach their customers.

As a marketer, you must understand what your rivals are focused on in order to develop a plan and stand out from the crowd. Here are six of the most critical trends in content marketing we foresee for 2022:


  • Strategic SEO Tactics

Marketers will continue to spend on SEO in 2022 as with every year in order to provide personalised experiences for website visitors. However, content marketers are shifting away from SEO optimization in general, with 83 percent of marketers stating that the usage of strategic keywords in their content is their primary emphasis. Businesses want a means to merely appear in SERPs while also creating in-depth content that is distinctive, useful, and distinct from what rivals provide on the same result pages. Marketers also report that optimising for mobile (64 percent) and backlinking and link building would be part of their SEO content marketing activities (64 percent).


Over the last two years, video has emerged as the most popular and practical sort of internet content. That will not change in 2022. Instead, the video will become much more significant, and one of the most difficult problems will be to stand out in this lucrative marketing medium. According to HubSpot’s most recent analysis, 59 percent of those polled employ video in their content marketing efforts. Up to 76 percent of marketers consider video to be “their most successful content medium.” Furthermore, one in every four marketers that already use video confirms that the content category generates the highest ROI for them.


  • Increase in the Use of Interactive Content

Various research and surveys conducted in recent years clearly reveal that marketers believe that using interactive content over static material maximises the audience experience, grabbing their attention and keeping them on the homepage for longer periods of time. The adoption of varied interactive material will continue to increase in 2022. Creating interactive content that is appropriate for all stages of the buyer’s journey is also on the rise. Polls and interactive quizzes are already widely used on social media sites. Although entertaining for users, these technologies can give you rapid information on your potential clients. While interactive material of this sort will remain popular, expect to see new methods to include engaging content into your plan. 


  • Infographics

One of the most critical 2022 content marketing trends is utilising infographics. According to 56% of content marketers that utilise it, it is the most effective marketing content kind. 52 percent of marketers want to invest the same amount in infographics in the coming year. Its popularity stems from the fact that infographics are easily shared, aesthetically appealing, educational, and deliver helpful information to the reader. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, it stands to reason that infographics are important for content marketing. It also serves as one of the most essential B2B content marketing trends.


  • A Hybrid of Virtual and Live Events

Over the last year, most experiences have been conducted online, with some requiring real-time participation and others providing recordings. Consumers are yearning for a better mix of online and in-person engagement after living in a primarily virtual environment as a result of the epidemic. Companies recognise this and are searching for methods to develop a mix of virtual and real events to fulfil the demands of their customers. Simultaneously, online event hosting technologies such as webinars and live-streaming social media will continue to evolve. Each brand must consider its use of both and develop a hybrid marketing plan that balances the demands of its customers.

Content marketing is more than just publishing fantastic blog articles; it is about working together to attract your most wanted clientele. Therefore, you must abandon the content marketing trends 2019 brands utilised and take up all the new and emerging content marketing trends in 2022.

To ensure the success of your content marketing efforts, you’ll need more than simply experienced writers. You’ll need high-quality technology, smart designers, astute videographers, and current trends in content marketing to help you with your marketing efforts at every stage. 

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