Top 5 Social Media Marketing Agencies In Kolkata

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With over 53% of the world’s population using social media, your company must have a social media plan in place to assist you to reach your target market.

Do you want to hire the best social media marketing agencies in Kolkata? You’ve come to the correct place!

Businesses must adapt to survive in these ever-changing times. Today, digital marketing or also known as social media marketing empowers businesses of all sizes to stay afloat. To assist you in finding the best social media marketing agency in Kolkata, we’ve compiled a list. The list consists of the top social media marketing agencies based on their services and results.

Before we hop on to the list of agencies, let us give you some important tips to choose the best one.

5 Steps to Select the Right Social Media Marketing Agency for your Brand

Every social media marketing agency is unique in terms of the services, their size, their strengths, their budget, their clients, and more. To assist you choose the best, we’ve put up a list of tips that will guide you through the process:

5 steps to select the right social media marketing agency

  1. Create A Budget Plan: Every company wants to save money, but that doesn’t always mean going with the lowest option. The cheapest agency is unlikely to provide the finest service. As a result, instead of asking what you receive for your money, ask what you get for your money. It’s about finding an agency that gives excellent outcomes at a reasonable price.
  2. Determine Your Requirements: You should evaluate your marketing demands before approaching a digital marketing agency. Every agency focuses on a particular set of services. Knowing your marketing requirements will help you limit your options even more.
  3. Look Them Up On The Internet: In today’s world, having a strong online presence is essential. Many well-known agencies now showcase their work on their websites. An in-depth web investigation will reveal the agency’s potential, values, work history, specialisations, customers, and more.
  4. Meet Your Account Manager: This is a hard one, but you can learn more about the person who will handle your account rather than the agency as a whole by doing so. Smooth contact between the agency and you will be ensured by seasoned client service specialists that have a thorough awareness of the digital landscape.
  5. Learn More About How They Function: No two agencies operate in the same way. Learning about their working methods can assist you to understand how they intend to fulfil your marketing objectives.

Remember that hiring a social media marketing agency is a long-term investment that will assist you in winning the digital game. The trick is to choose an agency that you can trust and feel at ease with.

Kolkata’s Top 5 Social Media Marketing Agencies

Top social media marketing companies

[Source: Indeed SEO]

These social media marketing agencies in Kolkata have a track record of success in the business. The list considers all forms of budgets and corporate advantages. Take a sneak peek at the top five digital marketing companies in Kolkata:

1. Kreative Machinez

Kreative Machinez is the ideal choice for your organisation when it comes to getting your job done and with a dash of creativity. They are one of Kolkata’s most dedicated digital marketing firms. They are known for conducting extensive research, implementing the best techniques and technologies.  These help in generating higher online sales conversions and revenues.

They have been awarded for their digital brilliance. Their dedication toward bringing out the best in your brand is commendable.

Visit their website :

2. PromotEdge

PromotEdge is known for providing an amazing 360-degree brand experience through digital marketing, social media, 3D animation, web and graphic design, and other services. They focus on strategic innovation to stay ahead of the competition, providing results-oriented services.

Since their start in 2015, they’ve maintained their position as one of Kolkata’s leading digital marketing businesses. SEO, social media marketing, PPC campaign management, online reputation management, creative content generation, email marketing, digital brand identity management, and more are among PromotEdge’s internet marketing services.

Visit their website :

3. The Miraculous

Da Miracle is one of Kolkata’s most well-known digital marketing firms. They have a dedicated internet marketing team with an unquenchable thirst for achievement. Da Miracle believes in anticipating the demands of brands and then giving the highest quality services to its customers. They attempt to create strategically designed assets that have the ability to provide you with a higher return on investment and the desired outcomes over time.

Visit their website:

4. SRV Media

SRV Media is one of the top social media marketing agencies in Kolkata, in delivering excellence in the digital world. The agency has enhanced sales effectiveness and created path-breaking campaigns. SRV Media has its own platforms to ensure the best performance. They use all the advanced approaches to ensure quality results for your brand.

They have branches in Gurgaon, Bangalore and Pune also. It has been over 10 years that SRV Media has been creating benchmarks. They have worked for a plethora of clients from various industries. Its dedicated team of experts have mastered the skills needed to increase awareness, reach goals and execute the best practices.

Visit our website:

5. Blueberry Web Solutions

Blueberry Web Solutions is one of Kolkata’s leading digital marketing businesses, aiming for perfection at all times. They’ve been in this sector for over a decade. They take pride in having an in-depth understanding of the industry. They’re known for their ability to adapt to changing market trends.

Visit their website:

Take Your Brand To The Next Level

Today, there are 4.8 billion internet users worldwide, accounting for over 61% of the global population. From lead generation to sales, social media marketing has covered it all. It can help you cost-effectively achieve your business goals. The digital world has endless opportunities for your brands. 

Traditional ways of advertising have now taken a backseat as businesses are growing exponentially on the social media landscape. Choosing the right social media marketing agency can be game-changing. An accomplished agency can help your brand flourish in the best possible way!

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